What's most important for you, when you're getting a new (or refurbished) phone?

@fdroidorg support for alternative OSes is definitely something I will take care for my future phone my actual Nokia 8.1 has no developer community behind it, thanks to HMD blocking booloader unlock…

@oliver thanks for the link but after that I will end up with a pretty limited phone, there is no lineage support (offcial or not), I guess HMD devices are the way NOT TO go for greater customization !

@Matthieu Hm, that is really annoying. With my 7 Plus, I will probably switch to GrapheneOS soon, which officially supports my device. Unfortunately, the 8.1 is not one of them.
For the sake of long warranty and update runtimes, it will continue to be difficult for me to choose anything other than Nokia or Fairphone in the future. Android's throwaway culture is a big thorn in my side.

@oliver speaking of updates, the Android One was not a lie at all, I was able to get two major OS versions updates less than one year after their release, so it was definitely interesting however, no custom OS so it's half of a win !

BTW I don't know if Android One is still a thing, maybe killed like tens of other Google products 😂

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