WhatsApp has disabled communication between accounts from Iran during protests -

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@hackernews Again, a sad example of misuse of power and a reason why we should empower communities around the world with better communication tools that are not so easily shut down. Share alternatives like #briar ( or #Bidgefy (

@erikkemp @hackernews Bridgefy contains trackers from Facebook (and Google), so better use Briar if you"re about to protest...

@djoerd @hackernews Yep, but I think briar does not have the 'mesh - hop' functionality yet, right?

@djoerd @hackernews And briar is not available on iOS, which is a problem in urgent moments like this.

@djoerd @hackernews
@rysiek , what would you recommend to people in Iran right now, where first they were blocking services and now they are shutting down internet access?

@erikkemp @djoerd @hackernews wait, I'm silly! Also @delta !

I am going to bet that e-mail is not blocked in Iran. Delta Chat communication looks just like e-mail on the wire because, well, it *is* e-mail.

I should have thought about this sooner!

@erikkemp @djoerd @hackernews @delta the additional benefit is that if e-mail is not entirely blocked, Delta Chat isn't either.

@djoerd @rysiek @erikkemp @hackernews
FWIW at some point we successfully verified that and work with DC users in Iran but other providers do not work because they require the POP3 protocol which Delta Chat does not support. One big usability issue with Delta usage in Iran is that they need to spend the effort to introduce with each other -- QR code scan or telling each other e-mail addresses works for that.

@rysiek @erikkemp @djoerd @hackernews I have set up a Signal Proxy. If you know Iranians who need one, send me a DM for the link.

@erikkemp @djoerd @hackernews LMFTFY: and Apple's iOS design makes it impossible to have non server-client model based tools like Briar work on that platform, which is a problem in urgent moments like this.

It's important to remember whose decisions create a given problem.

@erikkemp @hackernews Errr, hard to oversee all pros and cons from my comfortable, no dangerous protesting, position

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