Neuere anzeigen

Ich hab dann mal die Mastodoninstanz auf eine neue Platte umgezogen, da die alte doch recht voll war. Dank Hetzner Cloud Volumes sollte das dann aber zukünftig kein Problem mehr sein, die Instanz zu vergrößern.

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Attention Mastodon server owners: Security patch release v2.4.4 is out. It's a quick upgrade.

If you are deploying Mastodon from the master branch, update to at least commit 802cf6a.


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Looks like the beta testers count has overtaken the follower count. Interesting and a bit scary!

From the feedback so far, I think these are the things I will try to focus on now before releasing a version 1.0:

* Content warnings
* Federated timeline
* Better holding position when clicking Show more
* Character count
* Maybe some animation tweaks
* A few bugs and crashes

1.0 might be a bit rough around the edges still, but popularity has overtaken me a bit and I want to get something out!

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Ok, let's try an experiment. You can use this page to sign up for Toot!:

It will remain open as long as I dare, and hopefully I won't run completely out of beta tester slots!

And remember, not everything works yet! Report bugs at, but remember to check if they are already there!

Langsam aber stetig füllt sich Mastodon 😍

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